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We currently serve the Binghamton area, but attract customers from Liberty, NY, Oneonta, NY, Ithaca, NY, and even parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Some of our regular customers include many city and town municipalities and local fleet services in the state. While we have our regular customers, we also attract individuals who are looking to build up their vehicles, people who need replacements and individuals looking for unique parts for older vehicles refurbished. Our shop does jobs varying from fixing custom street rods to large fleet trucks and trailers. We have over the counter sales as well as installation appointments daily in our shop.

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Tri City Spring was founded in 1956 by Dominic J. DeLousia and his partner Joseph Tokos located on Jarvis Street in Binghamton, NY in 1956 the partners bought property on Court Street in Binghamton, which is where our location has remained. in 1995, Butch & Lou both took over the business. in 2008, half of the partnership was passed down another generation, to RicK Delousia, who became the new partner in lieu of his father. Currently, Lou DeLousia, President and Rick DeLousia, Vice President, own and operate the business with 4 employees under them. The business continues to be a family tradition, with Rick's son, Richard, working part-time after school.


Rick A. DeLousia II, Vice President

Lou DeLousia, President


Dominic DeLousia